Air-Cooled Modular

(5 Thru 100 TONS CAPACITY)
NAE Series Modular Air Cooled Chillers are used in industrial and commercial applications from central chilling of processes to HVAC. COMPA-CHILL modular chillers has become a popular choice for replacement and or new installations, Modular chillers incorporate high efficiency tandem Copeland Scroll compressors are available on 12.5-20ton modular chillers. A multi-circuit modular system with multiple units can be totally isolated from each other with refrigeration and water valves. Having this capability offers a higher level of reliability and redundancy on critical installations.

Case history shows most large chillers operate at 20-30% of maximum rated load. With the multiple circuits you can operate smaller modules and save energy and maintenance cost. Controls are straightforward off the shelf and in-house maintenance personnel can service the equipment. WPI will provide complete water system design and plant process survey to determine cooling loads.

Isolated chilling circuits contain:
~ Tandem rotary Scroll Compressors
~ Stainless steel plate evaporators
~ Refrigeration TEV w/ external equalization
~ Refrigeration sight glass and filter dryer
~ Refrigeration service valves and ports
~ Charged and tested prior to shipment
~ Wiring diagrams and manuals
~ 1 year parts and compressor warranty
~ Compressor and fan contractors
~ Compressor overload protection
~ Individual temperature control
~ Manual compressor start
~ Fused 24volt control
~ High-low refrigeration pressure safety~
~ Low ambient fan control
~ Remote panel with digital temperature controller
~ High temperature alarm
~ Suction/discharge/water pressure gauges
~ Inline full flow strainers
~ Integral pump tank systems
~ Remote monitoring of pressure, temperatures, hours, 24-hour rotation up to 16 units, fault indication and call out on fault conditions
~ Isolation potable water/glycol heat exchangers
~ Remote condensing units and in plant chiller
compressor systems